Since April 2017, I've been independently running my own publishing company/demo studio, Rich Karg Music, located on music row.  In that time, I've been blessed to locate, write with, and record the talented artists I believe have a shot at having #1 records, and selling out stadiums.

September 2013-April 2017

Green Hills Music Group & Grin Like a Dog Songs Signed me to a staff writing position!  My new team consists of:

Woody Bomar, president of Green Hills Music, is THE MAN!!!  I'm very excited to have found a champion in Woody, seasoned industry writer, publisher, and former head of Sony Publishing's Creative department.  Before heading Sony, Woody founded "Little Big Town" publishing, which developed some of country's most successful songwriters, achieved country #1's for an entire decade, and is one of the most successful indie pub companies in the history of Nashville!

Leslie Mitchell, plugger for Grin Like a Dog Songs...Leslie is a blessing!  She's constatnly working her catalogue, tirelessly seeking and capitalizing on pitch opportunities, and is making things happen for her writers!

Steve Mitchell, president of Grin Like a Dog Songs...Not only is steve a hard-working publisher, he's also a talented writer.  Keep an eye out for this guy's songs!

I'm very pleased to have found such a strong, dedicated, and diverse team to work with!